Wellbeing Training Solutions

We provide a number of health & wellbeing courses for individuals and organisations:

Wellbeing Workshops & Courses


Duration: 1 x 90 minute session, or 2 x 45 minute sessions

  • Solutions for Resilience
  • What is Anxiety & Depression?
  • Solutions for Living with Anxiety
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Solutions for developing Mindful Relationships

Duration: 1 x 3.5 hour session

  • Solutions for Living with Anxiety or Depression
  • Solutions for Supporting Adults with Anxiety or Depression

Duration: 1 x 6 hour session, or 2 x 3 hour sessions

  • Anything is Possible
  • Solutions for Success
  • Goal Setting Solutions

Duration: 2 x 3 hour sessions

  • Why Should I Care About Mental Health?

Duration: 14 hours

  • Solutions for Living Mindfully





Through delivery of DRUMBEAT® program RDP Enterprise Solutions’ vision is to build better futures for individuals, families and communities, through bringing lasting change to those harmed by alcohol, drugs and mental wellbeing issues.

DRUMBEAT® is an acronym for Discovering Relationships Using Music, Beliefs, Emotions, Attitudes, and Thoughts. For centuries, ancient cultures have used hand drumming to bring people together. DRUMBEAT draws on this wisdom and the latest research to create the innovative, evidence-based program. It is the world’s first structured learning program using music, psychology and neurobiology to reconnect with ourselves and others.

The DRUMBEAT® Program was first developed in 2003 by Holyoake while working with local Aboriginal young people and Elders in the Wheatbelt of Western Australia. It is a culturally secure practice. After showing tangible benefits in engaging young Aboriginal men, the program continued to expand and show similar success with people of all ages, and from a variety of backgrounds. At the core of the program, DRUMBEAT® is about healthy human relationships, thus having universal application to many cultures around the world.

The DRUMBEAT®Program is a structured, but flexible course delivered across 10 sessions.

Each session focuses on different relationship themes;

  • such as identity and social responsibility;
  • values;
  • dealing with emotions;
  • peer pressure;
  • harmony;
  • communication and teamwork

Importantly, the program concludes with a performance, giving participants the opportunity to showcase their new-found skills and confidence and share their progress with family, friends and other respected people in their lives.

Upskilling for Employment Workshops

Duration: 3 hour session, or 2 x 1.5 sessions

          • Interview Solutions
          • My CV for Success
          • Cover Letters for Success
          • Self-Marketing Solutions
          • Planning for Employment
          • Problem Solving for Employment
          • Solutions for Job Search


Staff Support

Duration: 8 hours, 4 x 2 hour sessions

  • Leadership Solutions Program: This program provides you, the manger, with 1-1 coaching sessions on how to facilitate deliver this model for working with staff to your staff

Duration:  6 hours, 2 x 3 hour session

  • Client Support Solutions
  • Student Counselling & Support Solutions

Duration: 3 hour session

  • Influencing Staff Behaviour & Conduct
  • Cultural Awareness


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