Wellbeing Training Solutions

We provide a variety of wellbeing courses for individuals and also provide a range of professional development training for organisations:

Wellbeing Workshops & Courses


  • Solutions for Resilience
  • What is Anxiety & Depression?
  • Solutions for Living with Anxiety
  • What is Mindfulness?
  • Solutions for developing Mindful Relationships

                                                      Duration: 1 x 90 minute session, or 2 x 45 minute sessions

  • Solutions for Living with Anxiety or Depression
  • Solutions for Supporting Adults with Anxiety or Depression

                                                     Duration of each: 1 x 3.5 hour session

  • Anything is Possible
  • Solutions for Success
  • Goal Setting Solutions

                                                    Duration of each: 1 x 6 hour session, or 2 x 3 hour sessions

  • Why Should I Care About Mental Health?

                                                   Duration: 2 x 3 hour sessions

  • Solutions for Living Mindfully

                                                 Duration: 14 hours


Professional Development for Staff & Managers


  • Leadership Solutions Program: This program provides you, the manger, with 1-1 coaching sessions on how to facilitate this model for working with staff, to your staff

                                                            Duration: 8 hours, or 4 x 2 hour sessions

  • Informal Counselling & Support Solutions for working with Adults
  • Informal Counselling & Support Solutions for working with Youth
  • Solutions for Effective Case Management
  • Solutions to Address & Avoid Compassion Fatigue & Burnout

                                                           Duration of each:  6 hours, or 2 x 3 hour sessions, or 3 x 2 hour sessions

  • Influencing Staff Behaviour & Conduct
  • Solutions for Staff Peer Support Workers

                                                          Duration of each: 4 hour session


Upskill for Employment Workshops


  • Interview Solutions
  • My CV for Success
  • Cover Letters for Success
  • Self-Marketing Solutions
  • Planning for Employment
  • Problem Solving for Employment
  • Solutions for Job Search

                                             Duration of each: 3 hour session, or 2 x 1.5 sessions


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